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What's new for August

There are great new images available for the month of August!

Christmas in July at John Lewis
Christmas in July at John Lewis

Looking for early ideas for Christmas decorations? Look no further than the new John Lewis Home Christmas 2017 range. 

Welcome to the PRShots Newsfeed blog and news section

Date:  24 March, 2017

PRShots news, blogs and how tos and our newsletters are now online in the PRShots Newsfeed section.

The new Newsfeed section is the quick way to find out about everything new that's happening at PRShots and to get top hints and tips from our expert team.

The Newsfeed sections will include;

  • Details of new brands appearing on PRShots
  • Hints and tips on marketing, branding and social media from our marketing gurus 
  • Reports on home and fashion trends from our analytic teams
  • Guides on how to use PRShots 
  • New features and functions we're adding to PRShots
  • Download manuals on how to use PRShots  
  • Plus copies of all of our regular newsletters

Learn tips tricks and sure-fire techniques on how to get the most out of your product images, improve your social media standing, optimise for search engines and get in front of over 50,000 fashion and home journalists worldwide. 

In short, it's all the news and help you'll ever need to get your brand(s) noticed. 


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