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What's new for August

There are great new images available for the month of August!

Christmas in July at John Lewis
Christmas in July at John Lewis

Looking for early ideas for Christmas decorations? Look no further than the new John Lewis Home Christmas 2017 range. 

Only High Quality Images Allowed on Your Instagram Feed!

Date:  21 April, 2017

If you want people to follow you, your pictures need to be high quality and of some inspiration or value. 

The better the quality of your images the more likes, comments and follows you will receive. This might mean saying good bye to your low quality smart phone camera and investing in a professional camera.  This might be a painful change at first but in the long term you Instagram following will grow drastically.

Do not take photographs inside the Instagram app, the reason being is that you are unable to control the size of the image, have restricted editing tools and will not be able to save  your image to the phone without publishing it first.

List of Great Editing Software Apps

VSCO CAM - Great general photo editor pre posting your image to Instagram.

InstaSize - Great for resizing images into a square, creating collages or adding quick text

Quick Flip - Flips the image, this tool is for some reason impossible to find in other editor apps!

YouCam Perfect - Take perfect selfies and edit them within the app.


Instagram Exercise:

Spring clean your Instagram feed by deleting all irrelevant images that do not go with your chosen niche. Please be ruthless during this exercise as your content is the most important and the feed should only display your very best images.

TIP: If you feel like you need to delete everything and start again then please go with your instincts, with Instagram it's quality over quantity every time.